What are microfiber bed sheets?

Microfiber is a man-made high strength micro-polyester yarn used in producing many products such as bed sheets, clothing and garments. Microfiber sheets are also durable, long- lasting and made to be wrinkle free. Bed sheets made with microfibers provide good insulation, are stain-resistant, impermeable, breathable, and wash easily. Many retail stores sell microfiber sheets, which are becoming very popular due to their strength, durability and price. We strongly believe Microfiber is the future of the bedding business as it is of better quality than cotton at a fraction of the cost!

What is the thread count?

Microfiber is not measured in thread counts as cotton is. Microfiber is measured by grams per square inch (gsm). Our GSM is 90, which is in the top tiers of bed sheet microfiber. Our bed sheets are comparable to $50 cotton bed sheets. We are able to sell you the bed sheets at our low price because microfiber is less expensive to manufacture than cotton plus we import these bed sheet sets directly from the manufacturer.

Why Bed Sheets?

Simply put: Everybody needs sheets for their bed.  Every home has at least 1 bed; most homes have 3-4 beds.  Our bed sheets provide you with a fundraising product that people really need and want.  Plus the bed sheets won’t melt, rot, expire or break!  The bed sheets make great gifts as well, so potential clients of yours’ can purchase the bed sheet sets and give them to loved one’s and friends.  Think about the last time you bought something from a fundraiser that you actually needed.  Where you able to think of one?

What makes us different from other fundraisers?

Most fundraisers sell the same 5 products which are overpriced and not really wanted or needed.  Your potential clients simply purchase the product to support your group. With bed sheets, people actually want them because of the quality, color choice and price.  Unlike other fundraisers most clients buy more than 1 set of bed sheets, which increases your sales! Not every organization is selling sheets, so you will have an original product for your area with little or no competition.  Our bed sheets typically are shipped with 24 hours after ordering (excluding weekends), so no more waiting 6-8 weeks for goods!

Is there any initial investment?

No, we provide everything you need to sell your product. Just pre-sell, collect money, gather and submit your orders, and pay for your cost of the product after receipt of your invoice. However, we do recommend your group buy sample sets so your potential clients can see and feel how great our bed sheet sets are!

How is billing/invoicing handled

Once we receive your master order form, we will send you an electronic invoice generated by our Quickbook accounting software. The invoice will be sent to the email(s) that you have on file. This invoice can be paid electrically or by check.

How soon can our group start?

Immediately, just register online.

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Do you provide any marketing materials?

If requested, we will email you a start-up up kit with order forms.

What comes in the bed sheet set?

Our full, queen, king, and california king sets come with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillow cases and our twin sets only come with one pillow case.

What colors do the sheets come in?

Light Pink, Silver, Chocolate Brown, Cream, White, Eggplant, Sage Green, Gold, Navy, Agua, Mint, Grey, Black, Dark Cream, Burgundy.

What sizes do the sheets come?

California king, king, queen, full, twin, and twin xl.

SizeFlat SheetFitted SheetPillowcases
Twin XL*66"x102"39"x85"20"x30"
Cal King108"x102"72"x84"20"x40"
*Twin & Twin XL set comes with only one (1) pillowcase.

Will the sheets fit my mattress?

Fitted sheets have deep pockets to accommodate up to 14” mattresses & elastic all around for a secure fit.

How do we order?

After signing up you will receive a master order form. Please fill it out and email it to info@bedsheetfundraising.com

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How long does it take to get our order?

Orders are typically processed and shipped out within 72 hours of payment received. Holidays and Covid-19 may cause delays. Contact us for more accurate processing times.

How often can we order?

Order as often as you want;  We operate year round!

What are shipping costs?

Shipping is free when 12 sets or more are ordered at one time and shipped to the same address.

Who do you ship with?

Your order will ship via FedEx or R&L Carriers with a tracking number. The tentative delivery date will be 3 to 5 business days from the time payment has cleared.

What types of groups use bed sheets?

Any group/organization looking to raise funds can benefit from our bed sheet fundraiser.

How is sales tax handled?

As a wholesale distributor, we do not charge sales tax. Since sales taxes are required to be paid only once, the theory behind a resale exemption is that the customer (consumer or end user) would pay sales tax on the full retail price.