1. Register

We need to know who you are so we can best serve you.

Registration Form

2. Set Pricing

You set your own retail pricing. We recommend $39-40. Make sure everyone knows.

Profit Calculator

3. Distribute Forms

Please pass out individual order forms to everyone selling to they can accurately record their orders and collect payments.


4. Collet Orders

You can run your fundraiser for any length of time. When your ready collect all your orders and the money raised.

5. Submit Order

Fill out our master order form and submit it to us via our website or email.

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6. Remit Payment

We will send you an electronic invoice to your email once we receive your order. (Can be paid electronically). We only charge you our wholesale price. You keep the profits.

7. Distribute Product

*Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of payment or signed PO and tracking will be provided.

8. Repeat

We operate all year round and accept orders at any time. We look forward to continually serving you year after year.

*This is the shipping and processing times under normal circumstances. Holidays and spikes in orders may cause delays. November and December are considered peak season and delays may occur.