Sample option 1 (most popular)

Step 1. Every family or individual selling should buy a set to use as a sample. The quality and price sell themselves.
Step 2. Download, print, and distribute order forms and flyers to fundraisers. (Contact us to get the latest forms)
Step 3. Take orders and payments for each sale.
Step 4. Collect order forms and payments.
Step 5. Submit your custom order and payment to Bed Sheet Fundraising
Step 6. Recieve your custom order and distribute product.
Step 7. Repeat steps 1-5 to continue raising money for your organization.

Sample option 2

Step 1. Purchse 12-36 sets of sheets from Bed Sheet Fundraising
Step 2. Distribute product to fundraisers to sell or set up a stand
Step 3. Collect payments & count your profits

this option is effective because your buyers are able to touch and see how high of quality these bed sheets really are.