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Tracking Sales

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How are my sales tracked & accredited to my account?

Our website uses cookies to track visits and credit referrals via a custom referral link. Example: https//

It is important that everyone who intends to make a purchase to click through your custom link to ensure you get credit for the sale. If for some reason they enter our website (typing the website directly into the browser) without following a specific referral link, at checkout, the user is presented with an input field to input the ID of the organization they want to support.

Checkout example. Please note this input field only shows for users who do not enter through an affiliate link. Once you enter from an affiliate referral link, you can not change the referral unless you get a new link to click through.

Here is the key thing to know about our tracking cookies:

The type of cookies everyone is worried about lately are third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are used to track you across the internet as you surf from site to site. Our website uses first-party cookies to track your affiliate sales.  None of the new privacy restrictions you may be hearing about concern first-party cookies. 😌😅

When a visitor comes to our website via a referral link, a cookie stores the fundraisers referrer’s ID number. Then, another cookie stores the total number of affiliate-referred visits to our site (the count increments by 1 each time any referral link for any fundraiser affiliate is used). A third optional cookie is stored if the fundraisers affiliate adds a ‘campaign’ name to their link for more detailed tracking.

There are no cookies or privacy concerns regarding how we track sales using these 1st party cookies.

Please note that in the rare occurrence that a user doesn’t click through an affiliate link or input the ID of the fundraiser’s organization at checkout, our system has no way to assign the sale to a fundraisers account. We are not responsible for user oversight and error though we will do everything in our ability to make corrections if we are made aware.

If you suspect a sale wasn’t recorded, please email us any information you may have such as the order number, name of purchaser, name of person who made the referral, and date or date range of purchase. We will do a search within our system and look for any discrepancies and let you know if we find anything.

Increased Order Volume

Due to seasonal demand

Please note that we are experiencing higher than normal order volume due to seasonal demand. All orders are being processed and shipped in the order in which they are received. Average lead time is about 14 days. We expect to get all orders delivered in time for Christmas.

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Holidays 2023

Please Submit Orders
by Dec 4th.

Holidays are approaching. Please note that Christmas delivery is guaranteed if orders are received by end of day on Monday, December 5th. We cannot guarantee Christmas delivery if orders are sent in after December 4th, but we will do our best as always! We appreciate you and we thank you for your business!