We have been in the fundraising business selling wholesale bed sheets for eight years and its never been better. After many years of thoughtful consideration, we are happy to announce to you that we are now offering coffee in addition to bed sheets to help all of our loyal customers with another platform to raise money for their needs.

This journey started started back in 2010 when we started taking trips to the country of Guatemala to work with children. It was during this time we met many other GNOs and businesses looking for ways to partner. It was here where we learned about coffee and that Guatemala was major export of the second most traded commodity after crude oil. After creating many relationships, we took the steps and partnered with a high-end coffee roaster in Guatemala.

What many consider the crown jewel of Latin America and beyond, Guatemalan coffee is haled as some of the best tasting java on the planet. Rich, fertile soil, optimal growing conditions, superb climate, special harvesting techiniques, and dense forestry are all key factors in what seperates this product from the rest of the pack. Subsequently, Guatemalan coffee lends itself naturally to organic growth, animal friendly conditions, and conservation efforts. As an added benefit to our customers, we place each bean through rigorous quality assurance, discarding defects of all kinds which can dilute and degrade the overall quality of each cup.

Guatemala’s mountainous terrain has 8 distinct regions which have marked variations in flavor characteristics and aroma, all providing a delicious delight for coffee fanatics everywhere: Acetenango, Antigua, Atitlan, Coban, Fraijanes, Huehuetenango, New Oriente, and San Marcos. Our blend is a carefully balanced formula which is sure to yield the best out of each region and possibly leave you in the state of a complete coffee ecstasy


Specific Characteristics
  • Guatemalan Grown
  • 100% Hand-picked
  • 98% Shade-Grown
  • 100% Arabica
  • Grown above 4000 feet

Our coffee will be whole bean packaged in 11oz bags. Labels will be generic with options to design your own custom labels.


24 bags: $6.00
96 bags: $5.75
240 bags: $5.50
480 bags: $5.25
720 bags: $5.00

Shipping starts at $1.00 per bag.

We recommend a sell price between $10-$12

Our Guatemala Summit Supreme Blend is dark roasted, creating a bold but rich taste. This full-bodied, naturally flavored selection produces a grain like overtone, nicely followed up by a fruity sensation that is sure to leave a delightful, lingering aroma when brewed. There are slight hints of caramel, and it’s perfect as an exquisite pick-me-up, no matter what time of the day it is.

Our Guatemala Summit Supreme Blend medium roast has a touch of caramel with compliments of an earthy grain and honey. It is Medium-roasted to perfection, accentuating the distinct origin and clean flavor accredited to its world famous Guatemalan nurseries. Hand picked and grown under relaxing shade, this selection is a definite winner. When brewed, it fills the room with aromatic java pleasures and traces of chocolate, macadamia, and fruit.

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